How to Deal with Broken Bones

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What should I do if my pet has a broken bone?

How to Deal with Broken Bones

If you suspect that your dog or cat has a broken bone, there are several precautions you need to take when applying first aid to your pet.

First you must be very careful. When a dog or cat has a fracture, he or she is likely to bite or scratch anything that comes near the injury. Many people feel as though their pet would never bite or scratch, but you must always be prepared for anything when dealing with a wounded animal.

If your pet has a broken leg, it's a good idea to try to wrap it with a towel instead of trying to make a split. A towel is a good way to keep the bones from flopping around and is quicker to put on and more comfortable than a splint. If you pet will allow it, a split made of folded newspaper or magazines will provide more stabilization as you bring him to the vet. If you've made the investment in pet health insurance, that will help cover some of your vet expenses.



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