Contents of a Pet First Aid Kit

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What should I put in my pet first aid kit?

Contents of a Pet First Aid Kit

You've got a brand new tool box and you've gathered your dog muzzle, a towel and some gauze. Is there anything else you need? The contents of a basic pet first aid kit should include:

  • Something to stop bleeding. A styptic pencil is traditional, but flour works in an emergency.
  • A rectal thermometer. Use this with caution. More than one vet has managed to lose a thermometer while taking a pet's temperature.
  • Good tweezers.
  • Pet nail clippers.
  • Gloves and a sterilizing hand cleaner like Purel.
  • Clean towels and rags.
  • A leash.
  • Antibiotic ointment.
  • Peroxide or another way to clean wounds.
  • A bottle of spring water.
  • A few doses of any critical pet medications.

Pet insurance for dogs is available to help cover the costs of medical treatments.



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