Exercising Your Pet

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What is a good way to exercise my pet?

Exercising Your Pet

Although the old adage says to let sleeping dogs lie, you should make sure to keep your dog (or cat) active. One sad, undeniable fact is that most pets are overweight. The best way to keep your pet healthy and prevent expensive visits to the vet is to ensure that he has adequate exercise.

The average dog today is far removed from the hunting companions of our forefathers. But even the most pampered pooch needs to feed his instincts for hunting and chasing. A half-hour a day, three times a week should be enough exercise to get your pet's blood pumping. Be sure to start slow. If your dog has been a couch potato for years, throwing him on a half hour cycle on the treadmill can bring more harm than good. Try a brisk 10-15 minute walk and gradually increase time and speed. Once he becomes used to the activity, grab your running shoes and go for a jog around the neighborhood together.

Cats are slightly different than dogs and need shorter, faster activities. Having your cat chase a string around the house or batting some balled up paper across the floor is a better idea than a jog around the park.

Just like humans, pets have a need for exercise to keep them healthy and out of the doctor's office. For more information on how to buy pet insurance, visit VPI Pet Insurance.



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