Swimmig with Your Pet

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Do dogs like to swim?

Swimmig with Your Pet

If you're looking for an alternate method of exercising with your pet, try swimming together. Swimming burns more calories than running and is easier on the joints of older dogs. Here are some tips for having a safe, fun time together in the pool:

  • Swim in shallow, standing water such as roped off lakes, ponds or pools. Avoid swimming in the ocean or rivers that have strong currents.
  • If you want to go above and beyond, there are centers that have special facilities for dogs to swim. You can even purchase your own doggy pool and spa.
  • Never toss your dog in the water. Start slowly and coax him in from the shallow end. If he does not want to swim, respect his decision.
  • Never allow your dog to be in a pool area unattended.
  • A doggy life vest is a good idea for keeping his head above water and preventing chlorine from burning his eyes.
Remember that swimming and exercising with your pet will be beneficial and fun for both of you, however it is important to make safety a top priority. To ensure that your pooch is covered in the event of an injury at the pool, look into the benefits of health insurance for pets.



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