What to Look for in a Healthy Pet Diet

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What is the best diet for my pet?

What to Look for in a Healthy Pet Diet

Because pet food can be expensive, most pets today eat poor diets consisting of fatty table scraps and bulk brand kibble. But splurging a little on a healthy diet for your pet can reduce expensive veterinarian visits down the road by preventing costly problems such as tumors, arthritis and heart diseases associated with prolonged poor diets.

If you love your pet and want to keep him out of the clinic when he is older feed him a high-quality pet food. Premium pet foods are more expensive than economy brand kibble, but they are packed with more quality protein, which means your pet will eat more muscle building protein and fewer fatty fillers.

If you really want to go the extra mile for your pet, you might want to choose an organic pet food. These foods are required to be certified organic by the USDA, which means they contain at least 70 percent of the highest-quality organic ingredients.

The choice to feed your pet more expensive foods is up to you. Most veterinarians will suggest that feeding your pet a good-quality, premium food will meet his nutritional requirements.

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