Symptoms of Poisoning

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What are some symptoms of poisoning?

Symptoms of Poisoning

It's a frightening experience when your pet ingests a toxic substance. The earlier you recognize the problem, the better chance your pet has for survival, so it is a good idea to become familiar with the signs and symptoms of pet poisoning.

  • Look for excessive saliva around the mouth. If your pet has swallowed something toxic, the body's first line of defense is to try to flush the substance out by excreting saliva.
  • Sometimes an animal will vomit after ingesting something foreign. Sometimes it is possible to identify what substance your pet consumed by examining the vomit.
  • A change in your pet's behavior could also be the result of poisoning. If your pet loses control of his motor skills or cannot bark or mew like normal, check for other symptoms of poisoning.
If you think your pet is suffering from poisoning, contact your veterinarian immediately. It's always best to plan ahead and protect your pet from tragedy, so to learn more about pet health insurance, visit VPI Pet Insurance.



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