Safe Toys for Cats

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What are some safe toys for cats?

Safe Toys for Cats

Giving your cat safe pet toys will help him fight boredom and exercise his instincts. A safe toy can help you and your cat develop a stronger bond. Here are some tips on what to look for in safe cat toys:

  • No matter how safe a toy you buy your cat, if you do not first cat-proof your home your efforts will be futile. Make sure to remove any loose yarn, dental floss, ribbons, marbles and other loose items around the house that could be swallowed.
  • Toys should be machine washable and safe for children under three years old. Toys with beaded fillings can be dangerous if your cat chews through them.
  • Soft stuffed animals that are free of detachable parts or glass eyes can be safe and enticing for cats.
  • Toys filled with catnip are safe, fun and non-addictive.
  • Ping pong balls and practice golf balls with holes are easy for cats to bat around the house.
It's a good idea to rotate your cat's toys every few weeks to keep him stimulated. If your cat has a favorite, it's a good idea to keep that one out all the time. To learn more about pet insurance and how to compare pet insurance prices, visit VPI Pet Insurance.



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