Avoiding Toxic Pet Toys

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What are some safety precations to take when buying pet toys?

Avoiding Toxic Pet Toys

Finding safe pet toys without detachable choking hazards is important, but in light of recent scares in pet food contamination, ensuring that your pet's toy is nontoxic is essential.

Many toys manufactured overseas do not have to meet the strict processing guidelines of the United States. Therefore it is possible that toxic pet toys have been imported from markets like China and could be potentially deadly if used by your pet.

One way to protect yourself and your pet from toxic pet toys is to only buy toys made in the United States. Don't be afraid to ask a salesperson where the toys came from. You might have to do your own research by calling the toy manufacture directly.

Several companies have created organic pet toys from recycled bedding, food and other treats. These toys are generally safer, but not as durable as some plastic toys.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your pet's toy, bring it to the vet or ask your veterinarian to recommended some safe, nontoxic toys. In the event of an accident, insurance for pets can protect you from spending thousands of dollars on veterinary bills.



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