Pet Air Travel

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What can I do to ensure my pet arrives safely?

Pet Air Travel

The Humane Society recommends that you not transport your pet by air unless absolutely necessary. However, certain situations require that the entire family pack up and move. If your pet must travel by air, follow these tips to ensure a safe journey:

  • Use direct flights. This will prevent confusion when transferring planes and possible delays when taking your pet off the plane.
  • Give your pet a month before the flight to become used to the carrier container.
  • Do not give your pet tranquilizers unless prescribed.
  • Put ice cubes in the tray attached to your pet's kennel. This will prevent water from spilling out and causing discomfort throughout the flight.
  • Carry a current photograph of your pet. If he is lost, it will help the attendants locate him much more quickly.
  • When you arrive, check the status of your pet immediately and take him to the vet as soon as possible if you suspect a problem.
To keep you pet safe on long flight, you might also want to consider affordable pet insurance.



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