Training Your Cat

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What is a good way to train my cat?

Training Your Cat

Don't think that your cat is too independent to be trained. Cats, like dogs, can benefit from some household training. The key is to be patient and have a pet training guide.

First, you should stop reprimanding and punishing your cat. This will cause him to see you as an adversary and not a leader. If you are going to reprimand your cat, make sure you do it when you catch the cat in the act. If you wait until later, the cat will not know why he is being punished. Even so, cats will sometimes misbehave on purpose to get attention, so reprimands can even encourage poor behavior.

Second, if you set your cat up to succeed by rewarding him for performing the tasks you want, you'll create confidence and establish positive behavioral patterns.

Finally, keep your cat on a strict schedule since most felines are creatures of habit. If you control when your cat eats and drinks, you can control when it needs to use the litter box, so you can monitor and reward your cat for using the box instead of using your living room rug.

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