How to Correct Bad Behavior in Birds

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How can I stop my bird from misbehaving

How to Correct Bad Behavior in Birds

Owning a pet bird can bring peace and joy to a home, but just like cats and dogs, birds need to be trained to resist destructive or damaging behavior. Here are a few actions to take when your bird misbehaves:

  1. Have your bird step onto your hand. Bringing him up to your eye level will get his attention and establish dominance.
  2. Birds can differentiate facial expressions, so don't be afraid to frown at your bird to show displeasure in his behavior. If your body language displays disapproval, your bird will get the hint.
  3. Use a low, stern tone of voice when scolding your bird, but do not yell. Keep your lecture short.
  4. Place your bird back in his cage and leave him for a few minutes to allow him to reflect. Come back and interact with him while displaying affection. This will let him know that you are no longer mad and that he is now displaying appropriate behavior.
Whatever you do, never hit your bird, withhold food or neglect to clean his cage because of bad behavior. This can cause serious injury and harm. To provide the most complete level of care and protection for your bird, look into bird insurance at VPI Pet Insurance.



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