Training Your Pet

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How can I keep my puppy from jumping on me?

Training Your Pet

Although your pet might be the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on, there inevitably comes a time when your beloved four-legged friend displays some behavior that displeases or downright annoys you. Here are some tips for correcting unwanted behavior in pets:

  1. Keep your puppy entertained for regular intervals throughout the day to fight restlessness and keep him from displaying destructive behavior.
  2. To keep your puppy from jumping on you, ignore the behavior until he has settled down and then give him attention. This will teach him that jumping is not an appropriate action.
  3. Begin potty training by placing newspapers throughout a room in the house. Gradually decrease the area of the newspaper until there is only one paper. Then start moving that paper further away until it is outside. Move the paper about an inch every day until your dog has learned to go outside instead of on your floor.
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