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My dog hates baths, how can I clean him?

Dry cleaning your dog

Rub baking soda into his coat thoroughly and then brush off. The baking soda will deodorize as well as clean your dog.

How do I potty train my puppy?

Pottty Training 101

Your new puppy is easy to love. It's cute, cuddly and might even fit in the palm of your hand. However, not everything your puppy does it adorable. Getting potty training out of the way helps makes life easier for everyone.

It's important to remember that your puppy has not learned this skill yet and is in a new environment. Every puppy is going to make mistakes while still learning, and you do not want to scare an already skittish animal. Be firm with your dog, but do not overdo it.

A dog does not instantly learn anything. It takes repetition. Set up indoor and outdoor areas for you pup to use. Set up a schedule for bathroom breaks, and take the dog to these areas. Your puppy will start following the schedule, so it is important to be consistent.

While being too mean can scare your puppy, there is no overdoing it when it comes to rewarding your puppy. Praise, pet and give your pup treats so it knows it did the right thing. All this will help your puppy be potty trained quickly and without hassle.

Is it safe to feed my dog bones?

No Bones About It: Keeping Dog's Away From Bones

Dogs enjoy chewing on bones and burying them in the backyard, but dogs and their owners will not like what can happen after.

Your canine's teeth might seem impressive, but many dogs break or chip teeth while gnawing on bones. The bone can also slice a dog's mouth or jaw. However, the real danger comes when dogs swallow the pieces of bones. Bones can choke a dog or tear at the stomach.

Whether you eat ribs or just have a small wishbone, avoid feeding bones to your dog. Any complication that arises will likely result in pain for your dog and a large hospital bill for you.

What are some safe toys I can make for my pet?

Homemade Pet Toys are Safer

There are often reports of pets being hurt, getting sick or sustaining injuries from purchased toys. Many situations involve products that are imported from other countries where rules about using various materials are more lax than in the U. S.

After hearing such a report, many shoppers check labels and are more careful about what type of pet toys they buy.

Make your own toys to be sure they are as safe as possible. You will know what goes into your homemade toys and how sturdily they are constructed, giving you peace of mind.

Use up some old socks. Stuff a sock with another, and tie the loose end into a single knot. If you want a noisemaker inside the toy, put some dried beans inside a small cardboard box. Wrap the box inside the "stuffing" sock, then place both inside the outside sock before tying the knot.

Roll up a hand towel and tie a knot in the middle to create a tug-of-war toy.

Instead of chew toys, purchase some round beef bones with the marrow inside from a grocery store. Cook the bones in a microwave oven for about 2 minutes. After your dog eats the cooked marrow, he will have a long-lasting chew-bone.

Cats love colorful toys. Tie some long craft feathers together at the bottom end with a string. Tie the string on a cabinet handle for a toy the cat will reach up to play with. Or, hold the string yourself and play a leaping game or have the cat chase the feathers.

Place some dried beans inside a small clear plastic soda or juice bottle. Put the lid on tightly, and let the cat roll the toy around on the floor. Add some colorful pieces of paper or craft feathers to add some color to the toy, if you wish.

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