Exercise for Your Bird

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Should I exercise my bird?

Exercise for Your Bird

Just because you own a bird doesn't mean you can't have fun and exercise with your pet. Birds need exercise too, and the fluttering and hopping they do in their cages is not adequate exercise. To properly care for your feathered friend, let him out of the cage to fly around the house.

Letting your bird fly around the house has many health benefits.

  • He will not be cooped up all day and will feel less stress.
  • He will have a stronger immune system.
  • He will have more powerful lungs and a sweeter song.
It's important to remember to be patient and give your bird time when letting him out of his comfort zone. Don't pull your bird out of his cage. Let him come out on his own.

Just be sure to remove any dangerous chemicals or plants from your home, cover any windows or mirrors and let the cat out. If you're still uncomfortable with letting your bird fly freely throughout your home, consider signing him up for pet medical insurance to be sure that he is covered in the unlikely event of an accident. Soon your bird will be fluttering and chirping around the house in no time!



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