Dangerous Items In Your Home

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What are some of the household hazards to pets?

Dangerous Items In Your Home

Sometimes our pets are picky eaters, but every seasoned pet owner knows they you have to pet-proof your home. That means removing any home hazards for pets. Here is a list of things to be aware of that could potentially be deadly to your pet:

  • Ethylene glycol is a chemical common to many types of anti-freeze and can attract pets. The scary fact is that a single teaspoon can kill a seven-pound cat.
  • Chocolate is always tempting to give to pets, but be warned that it can poison dogs, cats and ferrets.
  • Avoid using spray products around birds, because the fumes can be toxic.
  • Painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen as well as many cold medicines are toxic to animals, and many come in the form of sweet syrups or coated pills that can attract your pet.
  • Giving your dog or cat leftovers can also be hazardous. Chicken bones can easily shatter and become lodged in your pet's throat.
Because curious cats and dogs somehow always manage to get their paws on everything, having proper cat and dog health insurance in the event your pet accidentally poisons himself can prevent costly hospitalization bills. For more information on signing up for dog health insurance for your dog, visit VPI Pet Insurance.



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