Cancer in Cats

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What are some of the most common cancers in cats?

Cancer in Cats

If you have a cat, you need to understand what can cause cancer in cats. There are certain warning signs to look for in your cat that could indicate cancer before it has spread to other areas of your cat's body.

  • While most dogs develop benign fatty tumors as they age, tumors on cats are almost always malignant. Cats are prone to tumors around the lips, ears and eyes. Spaying your cat is a great way to prevent many tumors from forming.
  • Lymphoma is also very common in cats and is usually associated with leukemia. Beware of excessive vomiting and diarrhea combined with an unusual display of lethargy.
  • You should also look out for lumps that seem to get larger, any unusual bleeding, defecating or loss of appetite, as these are all potential early signs of cancer.
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