Pet-Proofing Poison Tips

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What can I do to keep my pets safe from poisons?

Pet-Proofing Poison Tips

Owning a pet is like having a child. Just as you would child proof your home, you must pet proof your home to keep poisons out of their paws.

Be careful where you put rat, mice, slug and ant baits. These are designed to be attractive to animals, and no matter how well you though you hid them, your pet can and will find them.

Keep all cold medicine in a cabinet above your pet's reach. Many pills contain sweet coatings and lots cold medicines have sugary syrups that your pet would love to lap up. Store these medicines in a plastic bag on a higher shelf.

Aerosol cans are potentially deadly to teething puppies who love to chew on anything they can get in their mouths. Many contain poisonous substances and most are under extreme pressure, so biting through one could severely injure as well as poison your pet.

Accidental poisonings can be tragic and financially burdensome. Pet insurance for cats and dogs can help cover some of the cost.



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